Lent 1

The Parish of St Agatha's Easby with St Agatha's Skeeby,

St Paul's Brompton on Swale and St Mary's Bolton on Swale

In the bags there are several different things, one for each week of Lent. There isn't a particular order to them in but as there are seeds. Monty decided that he wanted to plant them first to make sure they were starting to grown by the time Easter Sunday has come



Monty with the help of the humans planted the seeds into the pot and while they were doing it they read what was on the leaflet.

It’s amazing watching seeds grow, All the potential that is bound up with in such a tiny seed. Watching seeds grown into plants and then produce flowers and fruit reminds us of the hope and the transformation that Easter brings.


A long time ago people didn’t understand and thought that seeds were dead objects that once planted into the ground suddenly produced life . Perhaps this is why Jesus uses the imagery of something that was dead coming back to life in some of the parables that he told to his followers.


As you plant the seeds into the soil, think about where there is hope in your life? What sort of transformation are you hoping for during this time of Lent?


You may like to read some of the Parables that Jesus told which are about change.


They then read the Parable of the Sower which can be found in th egospel according to Mark chapter 4:1 - 20