Proposed planning on the site of St Paul's, the Old School House and the Church Hall

The Parish of Easby with Skeeby,

Brompton on Swale

and Bolton on Swale


As Church in our Community we recognisethrough discussions with others the need for more community spaces to be used by small and medium sized groups. We further recognised how much in need of repair and restoration our buildings are, not least the lack of heating, accessible entrance, toilet facilities and kitchen facilities. With the proposed plans of the PCC, we recognise the minimum changes needed to the shape and history of our buildings as they form part of the community history whilst also being part within the Conservation Area.


The Plans as they are detailed below have taken into account the needs of some groups within the community and the needs of the Church. We hope you find the plans as innovative and exciting as we do. We would love to hear from you if you have any comments or questions regarding these proposals. There plan is to build a link building between what was the Old School House and St Paul's church, giving accesss to those with disabilities and create a fire door. To build within the link a kitchen and an accessible toilet with adult disability facilities, including changing. There are plans for a replacement roof and insulation on the church, the school house and the Church Hall, with new lighting, electrics and heating in all areas. This is a very exciting project for now and into the future. Here are the specific details from our architect.



* New internal glazed port to the existing north doors/porch

* Reopen existing Nave south door, making good reveals.

* Reopen Chancel south door to provide access to existing boiler room.

* Remove existing oil fired boiler, replace with natural gas fired boiler, wall

mounted in the new vestry.

* Remove existing boiler room door, infill with stonework to cill level and

provide new window

* Reorder boiler room to form new vestry

* Repair bell turret stonework

* Refoofing church, reusing slates where possible, matching to make up




* Allow for archaeological watching brief during all excavations.

* Remove existing old tank Upgrade heating system and convert

to Natural Gases

* Take down existing redundant outbuilding, making good boundary wall.

* Relay existing drainage to suit new link building.

* Excavate and remove tarmac to are of new construction.



Link Building

*Construct new concrete strip foundations

*Construct new red brick (to match existing) and block insulted cavity walls

*Construct single ply flat roof over corridor and rear toilet extension to be

supported on purpose made painted steel cantilever beams and posts. *Roof construction to be fully independent of the church, flashing under

existing slate roof.

*Construct new exposed timber, insulated itched roof with zinc finish.

*New doors and windows to be in Douglas fir with limed finish.

*Accessible toilets



*Meeting Space