Open Pantry

The Parish of Easby with Skeeby,

Brompton on Swale

and Bolton on Swale

In response to the need of many in the area, we have an Open Pantry in each of our churches for those who are struggling to feed themselves of their families. We also have toiletries, sanitary products and clearning products.


We do not need any information, or ask any questions or even need to meet you. You come along and help yourself to what you need as you need it. We ask that those who are not struggling at this time support The Open Pantry by donating goods to the pantry.


St Mary's Bolton Swle and St Agatha Easby have the pantry boxes by the font. In st Agatha's Skeeby, the pantry box is by the Altar Rail whilst in St Paul's Brompton on Swale the Pantry is in a large cupboard just to the side of the central arch.


Each of our churches are open every day for tea of coffee at no cost to yourself. Please do come along and make a hot drink and enjoy some time just for you in the church.