Up and Coming Events

The Parish of Easby with Skeeby,

Brompton on Swale

and Bolton on Swale

The Harvest Season


St Paul's church, Brompton on Swale - Sunday 1st October

12 noon - Our Cafe Style Harvest Festival Service is a different way to enjoy harvest. We will have our service whilst sitting around tables and enjoying each others company as we give thanks for the Harvest among us to God.


St Mary's church, Bolton on Swale - Sunday 8th October

3pm - Our Open2All Harvest Festival involves all people of all ages to share in the a more contemporary Harvest Festival, with bring and share refreshments, activities, crafts and games as we celebrate and give thanks to God for the harvest.


St Agatha's church, Skeeby 15th October

3pm - A more traditional celebration and thanksgiving for the harvest, followed by a harvest tea.


November 16th 2017 is when we remember those service men and women who have given their lives for others to live in the freedom we enjoy in the UK and other areas of the world.


Our Services this year are:

10am St Paul's Brompton on Swale, where the Uniformed Organisations will join us in church as we worship God, we will then walk down to the cenotaph for 11am where we will hold our Act Of Remembrance, Laying Wreaths and holding two minutes silence.


10.30am Scorton Village Memorial Hall, We will meet with the Uniformed Organisations and parade over to the Memorial Hall for our service to begin at 10.45. There will be an An Act of Remembrance and two minutes silence at 11am.


10.30am St Agatha's Skeeby, We will hold our usual 10.30 Service of Holy Communion, during which we will hold an Act of Remembrance at 11am.






Barn Dance