The Parish of Easby with Skeeby,

Brompton on Swale

and Bolton on Swale


The Brian Tumour Charity


The Young people's Group "God & Popcorn" organised and held a fund raiser for The brain Tumour Charity on 30th June and raised over £700.00 We are immensely proud of our young people and all they bring to the Church and our Communities.

River Baptism2017

During August those who had taken part in Step-Up from both Catterick with Tunstall and the Parish of Easby, Skeeby, Brompton on Swale and Bolton on Swale held STAYCATION. This enabled those of older years who would not perhaps get away to have four days of holiday at home. We began with hot drinks and cake every morning at 10am, each day was followed by different events and outings games, hand massage, bbq lunch, a trip to Richmond Museum, a picnic, fish and chip lunch,

lots of fun, lots of laughter and many wonderful conversations.

It was wonderful to have The Archdeacon of Richmond and Craven, The Venerable Beverly Mason join us in the River Swale as we followed in the footsteps of St Paulinus baptising people in the river swale. Thank you so much to A1L2B for providing the traffic control, thank you to Christians in Pubic Spaces for loading and setting up the gazebo, thank you to everyone else who helped in every way to make this a most wonderful baptism for all concerned.

Once again we held our Easter Eve Vigil and sleepover at St Agatha's Easby, beginning with a vigil outside over the brazier, we then reafirmed our baptism recognising the light of Christ transforming us always.

As the evening progressed we had a great time making Easter Tomb biscuits, sharing an Easter Egg hunt where we had to put the holy week story in order and we ate pizza, prayed our prayers of compline,before we snuggled down in our sleeping bags and watched a film!

Easter Vigil and Sleepover

Easter Sunday in the parish

Easter morning began with a Dawn Service in the grounds of Easby Abbey at 6.30am as we celebrated the resurrection of our Lord sharing the first Eucharist of Easter. After which we all shared breakfast in the church of St Agatha, prepared and served by theose who had been part of the Easter Vigil and Sleepover.


We are grateful to Reverend Mary williams and Reverend Stewart Ridley, for their ministry on Easter Sunday, which enables us to hold an Easter Eucharist in each of our churches at .the usual service time of 10.30.

Richmond Deanery Thy Kingdom Come Walk


Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer movement that invites Christians around the world to pray for more people to come to know Jesus. What started in 2016 as an invitation from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York to the Church of England has grown into an international and ecumenical call to prayer.

We will be taking part in the Deanery Walk calling in at churches and praying as we walk. Please join us for any of the walks, you can join or finish at any point in the day.

Baptism in the River Swale


A Wonderful afternoon was had by all as they attended the River Baptism in the Swale which has now become an annual event.

Archdeacon Bev Mason said it was a great privilege to take the service. “People have come forward, children and adults to give their life to Christ, a tremendous public witness.


“It’s a wonderful example of Christians working together, with three churches and priests cooperating, and the Body of Christ witnessing to discipleship and evangelising in the very same waters that St Paulinus was baptising thousands of people fourteen hundred years ago.”


Confirmation Service 2018


It was an absolute joy to celebrate the confrimation of three adutls and two young people in the parish with Bishop Helen-Ann. Such a beautiful service and so very moving as each person was confirmed.


The Link Building - fund raiser


Thank you so much to Rose and her team who held a coffee morning and sale as part of Rose's ongoing fund raising for the accessible door as part of the Link Project. The Link project will physically link the parish office and meeting rooms with the church of St Paul, giving fully accessibible access to all, including accessible toilets, a kitchen and meeting spaces, and link the Church and the parish with the communitnities within which we live and serve.



Once again St Paul's hosted STAYCATION in the parish, which is a way of enabling those who are older, who would perhaps not get a holiday away to have a have three days of holiday with friends and family within the local are. We enjoyed bacon and egg sandwiches, cooked on the BBQ on the first day, a picnic on the second day, with Fish and Chips on the last day. Each day we enjoyed delicious home baked cake, drinks, games, cards, dominos, rug prodding, hand massage with so many more activities each day.

Sauasage and Burger BBQ Sisizzle

We had a brilliant time enjoying our BBQ Sizzle at St Mary's church, Bolton on Swale as we blessed the school bags for the start of the new academic year. Thanks to everyone who arranged the food and who cooked for us.




The 180th birthday celebration at St Paul's

It was a joy to celebrate the 18t0th anniversary of The Church of St Paul over teh weekend of September 21st - 23rd September. We began with Andy Lawrence Trio, playing music of the cafes of Europe, volunteers from Church served nibbles and refreshments the monies from which go towards our Link Project. Sunday saw us celebrating in our worship services as we recognised that we are always being asked to throw our nets over the other side of the lake. In other words to do new things and to trust that when we are asked to do so by Jesus. Thank you to Dianah. who baked such a lovely celebration cake for us to share. After the services we shared a BBQ and chocolate fete whilst having our photographs taken and writing our story for the time capsule to be built into the Link Project building. We raised over £400 during the afternoon toward the cost of the Link Project.