Summer puppet club

Summer puppet club

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Published by Yvonne Callaghan on Sunday, 30 June 2019 23:00

During the summer holidays (July - August 2019), the church ran a weekly puppet club where children aged five to fifteen learnt how to use a rod arm puppet.

The children learnt how to use and manipulate the puppets; making them move realistically, synchronising their mouths to talk and sing, moving them to dance and interact with each other. The club worked as a team encouraging one another and building each other's confidence.

The children learnt techniques and then worked up a routine and rehearsed to perform two songs to parents and friends. Word got around and they were invited to perform to local residents at St Edmund's Close community room as part of a community event and lunch.

The songs were based around speaking words of encouragement and being supportive. The first being the theme from 'Friends' with the words slightly altered and the second Toby Mac's 'Speak Life'. The club presented the two songs as part of the 'Worship for All' service on Sunday 1st September.