God and popcorn May 28th 2020

Hello again,
Half term is here and a chance to rest from school work. We wouldn’t usually have God and Popcorn in half term but this is such a special time in the Church year that we couldn’t let it go by without celebrating. With the chance of good weather, we would have been trying to have our meeting out of doors so we have put some activities here that you can do outside if you would like to. Remember as well that ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ continues till Sunday – Pentecost. Look back at last week’s information to see what the prayer focus is for the next few days.

Child reading

The Open the Book story this week is called ‘The Helper Arrives’. You can listen to Reverend Mary reading or read it for yourself in your Bible. You will need Acts, chapter 2. The whole chapter really but especially verses 1-21 and 38-47.

help words

What do these words mean?


Hint: They all say the same thing but in different languages. Can you work out which languages are here? The story tells that people from every country could understand what the disciples were saying because it was explained in their own language. They could fully understand what was being said about God and Jesus and what it could mean for them.


The Holy Spirit entered the room with the sound of a violent wind. It has been very windy recently and this has caused some damage to trees but the wind in other countries has been much stronger with a typhoon in Bangladesh and tornados in the USA.

The wind in the story makes us think of how powerful the Holy Spirit can be.

Try making a wind chime so that you can hear the movement of the wind. There are some instructions here.


The disciples were touched with something that looked like flames. Their faith seemed to burn or glow within them and they were excited by it and wanted to tell other people.

Ask an adult to show you how to light a BBQ or a small fire in a fire pit. You could use some of the twigs and small branches that were blown off the trees last week. Toast marshmallows on your fire and make s’mores by sandwiching the gooey marshmallows between two chocolate biscuits.

If you can’t light a fire, you can toast marshmallows over a tea-light. [Don't use scented candles.] You will still need an adult around to make sure you are safe.


The people who heard the disciples speaking wanted to be baptised and to make a commitment to follow the teachings and example of Jesus. 3000 of them went to a pool and the disciples baptised them. Can you imagine 3000 people waiting on the bank of the River Swale to be baptised there? That would need lots of cake and for Hazel to make gallons of tea! Do you remember your Baptism or did it happen when you were a baby? What about your Confirmation when you decided to make the commitment for yourself? If you made a prayer space last week, is there something you could add to it to remind you of your Baptism?


Use your prayer time this week to think about the power displayed in the natural world through water, fire or wind. God is more powerful than all of this and sent the Holy Spirit to help and guide us through all the problems we face in our lives.

Lord, we ask for the help of the Holy Spirit in all that worries us at this time. May we know your peace. Amen

We hope you have had a lovely, restful half term. Stay safe and well and watch out for opportunities when you can help others.

Alison and Angie