God and popcorn June 4th 2020

Hello again,
We hope you had a lovely half term and have been able to enjoy the good weather.
Sunday was Pentecost when we celebrate the Holy Spirit coming to the disciples as Jesus had promised them. They had been hidden away in a room together but the Holy Spirit gave them the confidence and excitement to tell everyone and also the skills to communicate with many different people. These people were amazed and excited about what Jesus had said and done and understood much better because they heard it in their own language. They told other people who told others… So Pentecost is also a time when we remember that we probably wouldn’t have heard the stories of Jesus without the Holy Spirit’s power in the disciples.

Child reading

The Open the Book story from last week continues into this week. It is called ‘The Helper Arrives’. You can read it for yourself in Acts 2. The place names are difficult in this reading but they show that there were people in Jerusalem from many other cities.

people with flames above their heads

Flames are used as a symbol of Pentecost because of the account of the flames that settled on each person in the room. Doves are also used because the Holy Spirit appeared at Jesus’ baptism in the form of a dove. The sheet gives two templates that combine these two symbols. You can print it for cutting out or colouring in or make your own versions. If you have a rainbow in your window, you could add one of these to show that Christians are praying about what is happening in the world and giving practical help in many situations. You could write a prayer on the back of the shape and read it each time you walk past.


At God and Popcorn, we like to cook and eat.

Why not bake some flame shaped cookies for your family or to give away to people you know? Pick your favourite cookie recipe and cut the dough into flame shapes. When you have baked them, decorate with yellow, orange and red icing to make them look like flames.

Or you could cut dove shapes instead and decorate with white icing.


The other themes from last week were wind and water.

Do you own a kite? Flying kites is a good way to understand the power of the wind. Some people understand the movement of the wind well enough to make kites do tricks. If you would like to make an unusual tetrahedral kite, there are some great instructions on www.instructables.com. Please be very careful when you are flying a kite. Make sure you are in a large clear space and that there are no overhead power lines or trees to get caught up in.

Did you plant some seeds a few weeks ago? We have had some very dry and hot weather. You will need to water your plants to keep them healthy.

Do you enjoy walking with your family beside the river? Why not take a snack with you and sit quietly listening to the water move and to the wildlife around you.


Here is a prayer for us to use this week or to write on the back of our flame shapes:

Christ Jesus, Before ascending into heaven you promised to send the Holy Spirit to your apostles and disciples. Help us to recognise the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives and in the lives of other people. Amen

If you are starting to follow the new guidelines and meet up with people outside your household, please keep safely distanced and keep washing your hands.

Alison and Angie