God and popcorn July 2nd 2020

Hello again,
A few weeks ago, a local newspaper had a story about a woman who was out for a 5K run. When she was heading back to her car, she couldn’t find her keys so she ran the whole 5K again (!) looking for them. She eventually gave up and went back to her car to find that someone had found the keys and left them near the car with a note on the windscreen but no contact details. She was very grateful and wrote to the newspaper explaining that she had donated some money to charity to thank them. Some things are so important to us that we go out of our way to find them and celebrate when we do.

Child reading

The Open the Book story for this week is the parable of the lost coin. You could listen to Reverend Mary read it or you could read it for yourself. It is very short and is found in Luke 15, verses 8-10. The woman in the story had also lost something that was important to her, so important that she searched her whole house till she found it again and then celebrated.


We all own things that are important to us, maybe because of a memory of a person or event or place, or maybe because of what they help us to do. What ‘things’ are important to you and why? Collect them all in one place if you can, arrange them in an interesting way and take a photograph or draw a plan to remind you. Are these the same things that were important to you 2 years ago?



How do you react when you lose things? Sometimes we search in a panic and can spend ages without finding them; sometimes we are more organised about our searching like the woman in the parable, and we find them more quickly; sometimes we blame other people for moving them and then find that wasn’t what happened and we need to apologise. Who in your family is best at looking for lost things? Do they have a method? Try their method when you next lose something.

The parable says that the angels celebrate when one of us repents – this means that we change something that is hurting ourselves or other people. It is as if we have lost the right path but find it again. Try one of the mazes – there’s an easier and a more difficult one to choose from. If you get lost, try a different path.



Our communities also have things that are important to them – hospitals and GP surgeries; schools; places to gather together; Churches; sports fields and play parks; local shops. Some of these have become even more important to us in the last few months.

This weekend is the anniversary of the launch of the NHS on 5th July 1948. There is a campaign to celebrate how much we have all worked together during this emergency time. The link gives details of celebrations that are happening on the 4th and 5th of July and what they would like us to do to lead up to that. There are designs by well known artists to download, colour and display to say thank you to people who have helped get us through the last few months. There will be national celebrations too including another ‘Clap for Carers’ on Sunday afternoon thanking all of us for doing our part.


We can use the 5 finger prayer for this week. If you can’t remember what each finger represents you can look here.

Take care and enjoy the things that are important to you.

Alison and Angie