God and popcorn July 23rd 2020

Hello again,
There are lots of stories in the Bible about brothers and sisters. Some of them get on well and others don’t. We have looked at a few of these recently: Mary, Martha and Lazarus; the Prodigal son and his brother. They might have challenged us to think about our behaviour with our brothers and sisters. This week, we start another story about a family and what happened to the people in it.

Child reading

Reverend Mary reads the first in her series about Joseph and his life. If you want to read the story for yourself, you should look at Genesis starting at the beginning of Chapter 37. This week is based on a very small part – Chapter 37:1-4.

singing group

If you have seen the musical ‘Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’, you will know that we usually imagine Joseph’s coat as very colourful and flowing. Design your own version using one of these templates or your own drawing. There is an outline, a colour by numbers (choose which colour you want for each number) and some ideas of what other people have done for stage costumes or on book covers.

The musical has songs written about the different parts of Joseph’s life. Listen to 2 songs linked to his coat and his brothers’ reactions to him here. [Beware that they could be an earworm for the rest of the day!]

What does the Bible really say about the coat? Why have people assumed that it was lots of colours?

shopping list

Joseph’s brothers were working hard with the sheep and Joseph was being the messenger from their father and telling him what was happening in the fields.

Can you remember messages? Ask someone to make up a message for you to remember. They should write it down but not show you, only tell you. Can you tell it back to them an hour later and get it exactly right? If you are very good, you could try remembering for several hours or even till the next day! Or you could try memorising part of a shopping list and see if you can get the right things in the shop.

Many people have favourite verses from the Bible or favourite prayers that they have memorised and use to help them. How do you think they did this? Could you ask someone? Choose a short verse or prayer that you think will help you connect with God and memorise it.

unique clothes

This part of the story is about fairness. Think about what it means to treat everyone fairly. Does this mean we treat everyone the same? We need to know about them, their lives, their hopes and fears. Everyone is unique and lives in a unique situation but God knows them and what they need and loves everyone the same.

What makes you unique? What are your favourite things? The things we like make us different from each other. Do you have types of clothes that you love to wear? Why do you choose to wear these? What do these clothes say about you? What we wear shows how we see our uniqueness. Spot the things on the list while you are out for a walk or car drive or even watching TV one evening. You can add extra things to the list if you would like to. {stripy socks, glasses, a tie, shorts, something purple, something fluffy, a hat, a face mask, jewellery, shoes with laces, a top with a slogan}.


This week we can use Psalm 139, verse14 as our prayer. In it we praise God for the way he has made everyone unique:

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Have fun this week doing some of your favourite things and trying to work out what other people love to do.

Alison and Angie