God and popcorn July 30th 2020

Hello again,
The story of Joseph continues this week with his dreams. There are actually quite a lot of dreams in the whole story for different people. Do you dream a lot when you sleep? Do you remember your dreams? Some people have very creative dreams that they remember for ages afterwards. Many of us have had quite odd dreams during the last few months as our brains try to work out this different time for us. Sometimes it helps to keep a dream journal to help us to discover any patterns in our dreams. You could keep a notebook by your bed to write anything you remember about your dreams. It may take a long time for the patterns to show up though.

Child reading

Reverend Mary reads the second in her series about Joseph and his life. If you want to read the story for yourself, you should look at Genesis starting at the beginning of Chapter 37. This week is based on Chapter 37, verses 5-11

singing group

If you would like to hear the musical version of the story, the songs called "Joseph's dreams" and "Any dream will do" are fun. If you know anyone who was a child in the 1980’s or 90’s, you might find they sing along to the backing vocals of ‘Any Dream will do’!


It is not clear from the Bible whether Joseph’s dream was a sleeping dream or a daydream. He will have spent a lot of time walking while he carried messages between his father and brothers. Maybe he thought about what the future would hold. Maybe the fact that he was his father’s favourite made him want to be even more important. The images in the dreams make it seem like that.

Daydreaming can help us to find out our reactions to a story. You can try it with a drawing or painting. Gather some paper and pencils or paints. Read a Bible verse or story a few times and then let your thoughts wander over it while you draw or paint. Don’t try to control it but just let it happen (that can be quite difficult for some of us so don’t worry if it is for you, just have a go)

multicoloured wheel

What do you dream of doing in your future? Is it just a vague dream or are you already working to make it happen? Do you have several alternatives? If you are serious about doing something, it is a good idea to plan for it to happen. Try this activity to help you decide if things you can do now can influence your success.

We also have dreams about how we want the world to be in the future. Do you dream of a world where everyone has equal opportunities; a world where we use only renewable energy; a world where no-one is hungry; a world without litter? Which of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are you passionate about? God joins us in these dreams for people to love each other and care for our world. Each individual has a part to play in making these dreams happen in small ways locally or in huge ways on a global scale.

Christians have an extra special dream for the world – that everyone will hear about Jesus and will join us in our faith. We all have a part to play in this dream as well. What can each of us do to make Jesus visible to others?


Some of our night-time dreams unsettle or scare us. When this happens, we can use Psalm 121 to reassure us that God never sleeps and will watch over us and everyone we love all of the time.

Find Psalm 121 in your Bible and we will use it as our prayer this week,

asking God to watch over us all now and in the future.

A quote from Gœthe: "Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it."

Alison and Angie