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God and popcorn August 13th 2020

Hello again,
Our theme this week is consequences. These are things that happen because something else is happening or has happened. Sometimes we can predict what will happen and sometimes the consequences of an action or event are unexpected. We can do something for the right reasons or to try to help and it doesn’t turn out how we wanted it to; or something happens that feels terrible but it leads to positive outcomes for us or for others.

Child reading

Joseph’s life has been a mixture of positive and negative events and his life in Egypt doesn’t go smoothly either! Listen to Reverend Mary read about what happened to him next or read the story for yourself from Genesis 39 v20 to the end of chapter 40.

singing group

In Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Joseph sings ‘Close Every Door’ from prison. The words show how his attitude changes during this time as he realises that God is present in his life and the lives of all of God’s people. ‘Go, go Joseph’, the song of the Butler and the Baker, is a comedy song even though it doesn’t turn out well for the Baker!

action reaction seesaw

You will probably have heard the phrase “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. This is Newton’s third law of motion. A fun way to show this is to build a balloon powered car from Lego, Duplo, or other building system. You will find some ideas on the final video here. If you don’t have any of these, you could adapt the ideas to make the car from recycled materials or build a balloon powered raft instead.

Often this phrase is used to explain the consequences of our actions as well. Unlike the laws of physics, the reaction isn’t always equal or opposite or as expected. When people’s emotions are involved, these can play a part in their reactions to what we do. Joseph did nothing to deserve being put in prison. It happened because he refused to do something he believed was wrong.

snakes and ladders game

Jesus tells us that our Christian faith is about loving God and loving our neighbour. Part of loving our neighbour is thinking about how our actions could affect other people – what the consequences might be. Most actions can have negative or positive consequences. Use this activity to think about these.

Snakes and Ladders is a popular children’s game. It is adapted from an ancient Indian game called Moksha Patam (in the picture). This game had the snakes and the ladders but they were linked to consequences of actions. Playing it encouraged children to think about how their actions helped their community (or not!). The modern game is just for fun. You could have fun playing Snakes and Ladders or another board game with someone else.

Do we react in certain ways to situations because we are Christians? Is there a consequence to us of doing that? In some parts of the world being a person of faith can have some serious consequences. If you would like to find out more about this you could look at this website.


We could use this prayer to end our activities this week:

Heavenly Father,
Help us to decide how to react in every situation; to think about how our actions will affect ourselves and other people; and to act in a way that is true to loving you and our neighbour.

Rest, relax and have fun on holiday. Stay safe, especially if you are doing something you haven’t done for a while.

Alison and Angie