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God and popcorn August 20th 2020

Hello again,
Do you keep a diary or know anyone who does? Some people do and then look back over parts of their lives to see what was happening and how they were feeling at the time. They usually write something every day and keep it private. A famous diary was written by Anne Frank while she was hiding from the Nazis in the Netherlands during World War II. Her family was Jewish and she wrote about their experiences for 2 years when they were hidden by friends.

Child reading

Reverend Mary has reached the fifth part of her series about Joseph. Listen to her read here or read the story for yourself in Genesis 41. Joseph has to wait for 2 more years in prison before his life changes once again…

singing group

In Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Pharaoh sings a song in a style inspired by Elvis Presley (watch for the blue suede shoes!). Joseph explains the dreams in this song and asks for a job at the same time!!!!! He gets the job in this song.

jigsaw pieces

Have you and your family built any jigsaws over the last few months? What is the largest number of pieces you have built? What is your building strategy? There are two different common ways to start: find all the straight edges and build the limits of the shape, working inwards from that; or start with one part that is easy to identify and work out from that. It is very difficult to build a jigsaw if you don’t know what the final picture is supposed to be, although it can be quite interesting to watch the picture develop. Have a go at a jigsaw without looking at the picture at all – you may want to start with one with not very many pieces.

(Or, if you don’t have any jigsaws, you could perhaps cook something from just a list of ingredients!)

Our lives are like jigsaws, made up of individual pieces that all fit together in some way. Obviously we can’t see what the whole picture will look like – only God knows the plan he has for our lives – so we trust God to reveal it as we go along. Our lives also fit with other peoples’ lives to make a larger picture, God’s plan for the whole of creation.

putting up a sign saying dreambig

Many people who are well known write their autobiography, looking back through their life and identifying people and events that have made a difference for them. Have you tried to do that? Who or what has inspired you and changed how you think?

When we look back through history, we can identify people whose actions changed conditions for others – Gandhi, Florence Nightingale, Nelson Mandela, Marie Curie, Hugo Junkers, Emmeline Pankhurst are examples. Find a book or a film that tells you about someone’s life or someone who made a difference for others. Why did they do what they did? How did it start? Are their lives inspiring?

Harriet Tubman was someone who helped free many slaves in America in the 1850’s. She said: “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

In the story of Joseph there have been many dreams. Joseph is in a position to make a difference for lots of people and to make sure that the food that is produced is managed so that no-one goes hungry. He recognises that this is God’s plan for his life.


The Lord’s prayer includes the phrase

“Thy will be done”

Often, we use this phrase to pray for God’s plan for the world but we can use the Lord’s prayer this week to ask God to help us to live in a way that follows his plan for each one of us.

Your dreams can change because of things that happen but that doesn’t mean that they are not important. Stay safe.

Alison and Angie