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God and popcorn September 3rd 2020

Hello again,
We have all got used to lots of changes in the last few months and are about to have some more. Change can be exciting and make us nervous at the same time. Some of you are getting used to new teachers, new schools or college, new school subjects or taking subjects to a deeper level with exam classes. It is usual to be excited and nervous about all of this.

Child reading

The story of Joseph is important in the Bible. It takes up 14 complete chapters of Genesis and is told in quite a lot of detail. We have stopped at chapter 45 but the story goes on to chapter 50 with God speaking directly to Joseph's father about the future of his family. God's plan continues and Joseph has had an important part in it.

singing group

The musical version of the story is quite unusual in that it is mostly told in the songs rather than having lots of dialogue with songs as an extra. We have listened to most of the songs in our series.

  • Which was your favourite?
  • Is there one that has stuck inside your head?
  • Was that because of the words or the tune?

Listen again and try to decide.

Suprised face

In some ways Joseph's life at the end of the story is the same as at the beginning. His father and brothers are once again living nearby and they are farming as they always did. But in many ways life has changed – Joseph and his brothers all have children of their own, their relationships with each other have changed, Joseph now works for Pharaoh and the family rely on him to keep them safe. They will have to take some time to settle into their new way of living and will need to be patient with each other and to communicate well to make the relationships work better than they did before.

They will get it wrong and will need to forgive each other many times. The family are also in a new land and will have to get used to new ways of living because of this and because of the national emergency of the famine that is going on around them.


I've got your back logo

Reverend Mary's reflections and the online services from Reverend Yvonne will have helped us all to prepare for being around more people again. Sunday's service will continue that with our usual ‘Bags to school' service. It will be online this year and you will need to prepare to take part by collecting a label from the porch at St Mary's church or just outside the porch at St Paul's church.

If you would like an extra addition for your bag to remind you, why not have a go at these easy macramé fish.

You can attach them direct to the zip of your bag if you don't have the hook. Make them in your favourite colours or as presents for your friends or family so that they too are blessed for the year ahead.


We could use our prayer time this week to ask God to help us:

Heavenly Father,
Help us to help each other – to notice if someone is struggling and to allow others to help us too. Help us remember that you sent the Holy Spirit to help us with everything that we do and that you have a plan for our lives which means that you will never leave us alone.

Be kind to yourself and to others. Give yourself time to adjust to new experiences.

Alison and Angie