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God and popcorn September 10th 2020

Hello again,
How is this week going? Does it already feel like you have been back at school for ages or do parts of it still feel a bit strange? It is amazing how quickly we can get used to new things and new ways of living and this is especially true when we are part of a group (large or small) of people who are all doing the same things. If some things still feel weird, be patient. You aren’t living through this alone and it will settle into a routine for all of us.

Child reading

The team of school volunteers are busy putting together a new set of resources for our weekly story time so we haven’t got a story to listen to this week. If you like to listen to people reading, you can get Bible apps for your phone that include a listen feature.

Our reading today is Genesis 1:1 to 2:3. It gives a description of God creating everything in the world. It gives a routine for creation. Different parts are created in a particular order; God does his day’s work, steps back to look at it and decides it is good; and when it is all done, God rests.

Various vegetables

On the third day God creates plants, fruit and vegetables. We are told that we should eat lots of these to keep us healthy. Some of us do and some don’t! Try to find a different way to present fruit and vegetables so that you want to eat them or talk to someone who eats a vegetarian or vegan diet about why they choose this.

You could try making smoothies, mocktails or fruit or vegetable skewers. Maybe you would like to eat a vegetarian diet for one day a week...

Daily routine of activities

What is your daily routine? Try to write or draw a timeline of a typical day including everything you do. Are school days and weekends different? Many of the activities that we used to have in our routine aren’t happening face-to-face yet. Are you managing to put something else into the spaces temporarily or maybe your activities are happening online instead?

It is easy to overfill our days and to have no time to stand back and decide whether what we have done is good. It is also easy to leave no time in our week for rest.

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The Church also has a routine that it follows. Think about the year and what celebrations we have had so far and what is to come. The next celebration that we have is Harvest. Reverend Mary is collecting jokes and stories for a book for this. Have you sent anything yet?

Christians try to put their faith into their routine. They have times in the day for reading the Bible, for prayer and for noticing God in the world and people around them; they have times in their week or month for learning about God with others; and they try to make their faith visible to others in the things that they do and say. Is there a part of this that you can do? Start with something easy to fit in and allow it to become routine. Then you can add something else later.


At the end of the day, make time to ask God to help you to think through the things you have done. Think about where you can say ‘It is good’ like in the Genesis creation story. Also think about what you would like to change tomorrow.

It is still very important to follow the guidelines to keep yourself and others safe.

Alison and Angie