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God and popcorn September 17th 2020

Hello again,
People often think they are on their own to make decisions or to start new things. They worry that they will regret what they do. Maybe they try to work it out by themselves or ask lots and lots of people what they should do.

Child reading

You will find a story told in drama on our website this week. It tells how the Apostles continued Jesus’ ministry ‘On their own’. Think about how unsure they were when they started and how Jesus promised to help them. Watch and listen here or read the story for yourself in your Bible. You will find it in Acts 1:12-26.

Leadership words

The Apostles were leaders of the first Christians. They were the people who had been with Jesus and had listened to his teachings and seen the miracles he did. It must have been amazing to have actually been there. They were unsure that they could do all of this without him there with them, but he appeared with them after his resurrection to tell them that he would never leave them on their own. He talked and ate with them and explained that he would send the Holy Spirit to help them.

Leadership is a big responsibility. Who do you admire and what is it about them that you want to be able to do? Use these ideas to help you to think about what characteristics leaders need, and these for how other people’s attitudes can affect the outcome.

path to the cross

We are told that the Apostles supported each other to follow Jesus and that they all joined together constantly in prayer. Some Christians choose to live together as a community and support each other in this way. Have a look at the website for the Scargill Community to see how this can work in a modern way (scargillmovement.org).

We all live in a community but most of us have different people that we share different parts of life with. Think about which people you live with; share new experiences with; pray with; eat with; make important decisions with. You could use these graphics to help.

Christians learn about God and how to live out their faith all the time. They use Church services, groups in the church, reading the Bible, prayer, other people to help with this. How do you like to learn? Eventually we will be able to meet up again. Do you have any ideas of what you would like us to do together? Send your ideas to Reverend Yvonne so that we know what we can do to support each other.

decision making route

Matthias is chosen as the new Apostle to help the others with leadership of the group. They talked a lot about who might be chosen and about the gifts and skills each person had but the most important thing they did before the final choice was to pray about it. They remembered that Jesus said they would never be alone when they were making decisions or starting something new and they asked God for help in this important decision.

We also need to pray about decisions we have to make allowing God to direct us in the way he wants us to live.


This week we can pray for our leaders: in our Country; in our Church; in our schools.

Lord God,
We pray for wisdom for all the leaders in different parts of our world. Make them open to your help in making difficult decisions.

If you are leading a group, be aware of whether everyone is taking part.
If someone is leading you, be aware of how supportive you are being of them.

Alison and Angie