God and popcorn October 15th 2020

Hello again,
Somehow we forget that the Bible isn’t always written in English. It wasn’t originally written in English but was first translated in the 1300s. The Bible has also been translated into many other languages so that people can read it and understand for themselves instead. You will find a few of the countries in this puzzle. Can you find the countries on a map and find out what languages their Bibles will be translated into (some of the countries may have more than one language)? The Bible Society produces The Open the Book resources that the team use when they are in schools and it also works in over 200 countries to bring the Bible to people in their own language. It was founded in 1804. Read the story of how it was influenced by the actions of a 15 year old girl here.

Child reading

The Collective Worship Team continue the story of the Apostles. This week they are leaving Jerusalem to spread the Good News of Jesus more widely. There are two stories. You can watch and listen here or read the stories for yourself in Acts 8, verses 4-24 and 26-40. Terrible events were happening to the Apostles but God was able to bring good out of even these events.

Good news

Simon was a magician and was very impressed with the things that Peter and John could do. He thought he could pay them so that he could do these things too but God’s gifts don’t work like that. Simon learned a valuable lesson.

The Ethiopian was reading the Jewish scriptures – our Old Testament – but he didn’t understand what he was reading. Philip was able to explain how these talked about Jesus’ life and ministry many years before Jesus was born.

Reverend Mary asked us to decide which Christian values are shown in the stories. What did you decide?

Simon and the Ethiopian were important men who influenced other people. They told other people what they had learned and the Good News about Jesus spread to other countries.

The bible is God's word

Use the list of books at the beginning of a Bible to help you to find these verses:

  • Isaiah 7.14
  • Psalms 78.1-2
  • Micah 5.2
  • Isaiah 9.1-2
  • Isaiah 35.5-6
  • Zechariah 9.9

Have you heard these verses before? Some of them are read at Christmas services and some at Easter services. They were all written by the Prophets in the Old Testament many hundreds of years before Jesus was born but they were about Jesus.

latest news

One of the ways to work out what a story in the Bible can tell us about our lives as Christians is to use the S.P.E.C.K method. The graphics show what this stands for. Read the passage again or listen to it using an app or watch the drama again. Can you find the S.P.E.C.K. so that we can relate the stories to life now?


We can pray this week about the Bible

Lord God,
Thank you that we can read and listen to your Word. Be with those who make this possible in other countries of the world.

Pick a nice crisp day when everything is dry, put on wellies or walking shoes and walk through piles of leaves! They sound wonderful!

Alison and Angie