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God and popcorn October 22nd 2020

Hello again,
When we drive towards the West in the afternoons at this time of year, the sun can be a problem. It is low in the sky and can be blinding. This means that drivers have to be very careful so that they see the road ahead. If they drive like this for a long time, their eyes will be sore and they will need to rest. Pedestrians and cyclists also have to be very careful that they are dressed so that they can be seen easily. Please make sure you are as safe as possible when you are out and about especially now that the mornings and evenings are darker.

Child reading

The Collective Worship Team bring us the story of Saul and Ananias this week. You can watch and listen here or read the story for yourself in Acts 9. 1-30. Both of the men were sure of what they believed at the beginning of the story, both of them heard a message from Jesus and both of them were given a task.

baby picture

One of the important parts of the story is how Saul changed. At the beginning of this story he thought Christians were wrong and it was his task to stop them from increasing the numbers in their group. By the end of the story he had been baptised and was telling as many people as he could about Jesus. What Saul did had changed.

Do your parents have photos of you when you were a baby? Do they take lots of photos showing how you have changed? Have a look at some of these photos and think about what you can do now that you couldn’t do then. Use our template or draw your own.

bright coloured light

Saul saw a bright light and was blinded by it. He spent 3 days unable to see. He must have been frightened and wondering what was going to happen next. And he was refusing to eat or drink which must have been worrying for the people with him.

God had a plan for Saul’s life that meant Saul had to change a lot.

Events that happen in our lives change us. They might change who we live with, what part of the country we live in, what we do for a living. Think of what has happened in your life so far. Have you moved house; have you changed school; have you got younger brothers and sisters; have you got pets? How have the changes in your family changed you?

Find a long piece of string or wool and put knots at equal spaces along it to show how old you are, one knot for each year. Tie another piece of string or wool at each point where there have been changes. Some of us will have had lots of changes and some of us not so many. Are there any more changes about to happen soon for you?


Ananais also changed during this story. He changed his mind about what Saul was like. He trusted Jesus even though he was frightened and became part of the change that happened to Saul.

We all need to be able to change our minds about what we think. To do this we have to respect that other people have different opinions from ours. Sometimes listening to another opinion will allow us to see something new in a situation and we will change what we think. We should remember that some people and the media will only give us part of the story and we need to search for the different opinions so that we can make informed choices.


An idea for prayer this week:

Our Lord, help us to see how much we change all of the time and that you will look after us during changes. Help us to respect others’ opinions even if we do not agree with them and to change our opinions if we need to

A quote from Albert Einstein:
‘The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking’.

Alison and Angie