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God and popcorn November 12th 2020

Hello again,
Do you like to watch quiz shows on the TV? Which ones? Shows where people answer questions to win money are exciting and usually need contestants to gamble all of their winnings on knowing the answer to the final question. I wonder what information the researchers gather about the contestants before they start and how much this influences the questions they are asked. Sometimes it would be better for the contestants to be happy with what they have won so far instead of taking the gamble. When there are Charity special episodes the contestants often don’t gamble because they say it is ‘not their money’ and they are more careful with that. Try our version here.

Child reading

The CWT have an Open the Book story for us this week. It is based on Matthew’s Gospel, chapter 25 verses 14-30 if you would like to read it in your Bible. On the surface it is about people being given money but it is one of Jesus’ parables so we know it can have lots of layers of meaning if we look for them.

Money bag

Do you have a Bank account? Are you saving up for something special or do you just like saving? Some people find it easy to save money and some people find it easy to spend money! Two of the servants in the story decided to work hard to make the money they were given increase. One of them was frightened and hid the money. Maybe he thought that if it was around in his house, he would just spend it and would have none for when his master returned.

Maybe this parable is about love, like the children’s song – Magic Penny. Jesus wants us to share his love with others and not keep it hidden for ourselves. Is it easier to talk about our faith to others or to show it through our actions and how we live?

Bear painting a rainbow

In the Open the Book version of the story, the rich man tells his servants that he trusts them to care for the money he gives them. What has God given us to care for?

Our families – how do we show the people around us that we love and care for them? Perhaps by helping out at home cheerfully, by suggesting something that everyone can do together, by talking to members of our family that we can’t see at the moment.

Our pets – how can we help with making sure pets are happy and healthy? Perhaps with exercise, cleaning up after them or playing with them.

Our friends – how do we show our friends that they are important to us? We need to have fun together in new ways at the moment but it is still important to have fun.

Caring for the planet

The Bible tells us that God trusts us to care for our planet as well. It is more difficult to get involved in large scale projects at the moment but there are small things we can do to make a difference.

If lots of people do the same small things, they can make a huge difference. Saving power, recycling, not wasting food, putting litter in bins or taking it home, reusing shopping bags – we can all do these things and they will make a difference.


A prayer for the world from the Bishop of Leeds:

God of creation, who loves all he has made and all that has evolved,
open the eyes of your people,
that your love might be reflected in our care for the planet.
Through Jesus Christ, who walked this earth and calls us by name.

Choose some small action that will show you care about others or about the world around us. Make it a habit.

Alison and Angie