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God and popcorn December 10th 2020

Hello again,
What is your favourite Christmas advert this year? Have you seen the one where the boy has different reactions on the inside from what he shows on the outside but eventually joins in with throwing snowballs? Some of us find it very difficult to communicate our feelings and even harder to do things that seem silly. But Resting and Celebration and Creativity and Prayer don’t always have to be calm and sensible. They can be a bit silly too, especially with people we trust. Who do you know who needs to be encouraged to laugh till their sides hurt? Be creative in your encouragement!!

Rhythm of Life pie chart

What do you know that has a rhythm? – your heart beat, music, a horse trotting, the seasons. Advent is the beginning of the Christian year and sets the rhythm for the rest of the year. The Rhythm of Life project is about looking at the rhythms of our lives and putting Jesus at the heart of the way we live. It is about recognising what we already do and building habits that will fit into the rhythm of our days, weeks and months.

You can find more information here.

Child reading

During Advent we are joining with other youth groups around the Diocese in the Rhythm of Life project. Each week will have a Bible reading that you can listen to or read for yourself from your Bible and a choice of activities based on the 7 habits that the Diocese are using. Some of the schools are also linking to the RoL project but our resources are different from theirs.

Join with week 3.

List of types of habits

You will see the different habits on all of the RoL resources. We all have some of these that are easier for us than others. When you read through the suggested activities for the week, you may find things that are already part of your Rhythm of Life. This project is not about stopping us doing things that we do already. It is about finding new habits that we can build in our lives to help us learn more about God, ourselves and each other.

You can try all the activities or choose one each week. Or you might look at the titles of the sections and decide that you want to include more of that in your life. Then you can try the activity for that section every week and maybe find other ways to focus on that habit.

Psychologists’ research suggests that to form a habit we need to:

  1. Start with an incredibly small habit
  2. Increase our habit in very small ways
  3. As we build up, break habits into chunks
  4. When we slip, get back on track quickly
  5. Be patient. Stick to a pace we can sustain

A Rhythm of Life Prayer

Almighty Lord God,
Father, Son and Spirit,
help me to learn from you
the habits that can help me flourish,
so that the rhythm of my life can match
the rhythm of your heart of love.

Try to do something ‘just for fun’ at least once this week. Maybe something you used to do with your family when you were younger…

Alison and Angie