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God and popcorn January 14th 2021

Hello again,
We are still in the season of Epiphany. Little by little in this season we find out more about Jesus – about who he is and why he came to live among us. His Baptism in the Jordan is the first time we read about him as an adult and the first time that Mark’s Gospel talks about him at all. This time in the Church year makes us all think about our own Baptism and possibly our Confirmation if we’ve done that too. Are we managing to live up to what we have promised? Is there anything we need to look at again or change or learn about? If you need a reminder of the promises, you can find them here.

Child reading

The reading this week is about Jesus’ baptism. You can listen to it here from Sunday’s service or read it for yourself in Mark 1:4-11 or you could try a different version by Rev Yvonne in this week’s Collective Worship. It is from Matthew 3:13-17 if you would like to read it for yourself. Listen or read carefully. How are the versions the same? How are they different? Does one seem to make part of the story more important than the other?

The dove is important in both versions. When did we hear about doves in other stories? (hint: think back to the summer – rainbows; speaking in different languages)


Copy or cut out one of the outlines of the dove.

Think about how God is proud of you for being you. When have people told you they are proud of you? Were they proud of the qualities you have: being caring of others; overcoming a problem; trying hard to do something you find difficult? Or were they proud of things you have achieved: which of your qualities helped you to achieve it? Write or draw something inside your dove to represent what you or others are proud of about you.

Think about the people in your life who make you feel loved and connected to God. They could be members of your family, friends or members of our church family. Write or draw something to represent each one of them inside your dove.

Joy break words

Give yourself a ‘Joy Break’ at some point when you need one this week. Use a piece of paper or our template and think about what brings you joy.

Write or draw the following things:

  • Five things that made you smile this week
  • Four fun things you did this week
  • Three people who were kind to you this week
  • Two times you felt loved this week
  • One wish you have for the next week

Do you know someone else who needs a ‘Joy Break’? Share this idea with them.


A prayer to remind us or God’s love for us:

Loving God, we know you are always with us and you love us. Help us notice people and things in our lives that us with you. Guide us to follow and make you proud!

Notice again how nature has changed around us. Notice the beauty in our winter landscapes. Wrap up warmly and go out for walks whenever you can.

Alison and Angie