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God and popcorn January 21st 2021

Hello again,
We continue in Epiphany finding out a little bit more about who Jesus is. This week we look at the invitation to “Come and See”. If you look at the Home page of our parish website, you will find this invitation from Reverend Yvonne (she uses it often in services too). Jesus invites us to find out for ourselves what it is like to follow him.

Child reading

Our reading tells us about Jesus calling some of his disciples and how he knows about them (‘sees’ them) before he meets them. You can listen to John 1:43-51 here from Sunday’s service or you can read it for yourself. If you would like to find out more about how God sees and knows us you can read Psalm 139: 1-5,12-18. It describes how God knows all about us and loves us from before we are born.

Stepping stones

Do you like building or creating things? Maybe you bake and decorate cakes; maybe you draw or paint; perhaps you have designed and planted parts of your garden or helped to build structures for animals to live in; maybe you make things from clay or build complex models; maybe you can programme a computer or you write music.

When we create things we know all about them, we know what they are like on the inside and the outside, we know the parts we would like to be better and we also know the parts we are proud of.

Spend some time this week being creative in whatever way you enjoy. While you are working on your creation think about how God created each one of us and knows us inside and out

One standing out in a crowd

Jesus ‘saw’ people he wanted to be with him, to learn from him and to continue his work. He knew what they were like and what their reactions were to his calling them when he invited them to “Come and See”. What good things would he see about you? Have a go at this activity to explore this idea. You will need a clean, empty jar (jam jar, coffee jar or pasta sauce jar) and perhaps some craft materials to decorate it.

Spiral shape

A puzzle and a challenge!

Sometimes to see things clearly we have to look at them from a different angle.

This puzzle has some everyday items photographed from an unusual angle. Can you work out what each of them is? Have a go at taking some of this type of photo for yourself. Can you give enough clues to let people guess without making it too easy? Can you take photos of the same object from different angles to get a complete picture of the object?

We need to do this for other parts of our lives too. What do you not understand that might be helped if you take a different view?


We could use this prayer to end our activities this week:

Lord God,
you invite us to come and see you. You see everything we are and everything we do because you created us and love us. Help us to love ourselves as we love others.

Keep some of your photos of objects from unusual angles so that we can have a puzzle evening when we can meet together again.

Alison and Angie