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God and popcorn January 28th 2021

Hello again,
Epiphany continues this week with Jesus’ first miracle. Have you ever been a guest at a wedding? It is a time when friends and family gather together to pray for the couple who are getting married, to celebrate the love they have for each other and to promise to support them in their future lives together. Being a guest at a wedding has a responsibility as well as being a joyful event.

Child reading

The Gospel story for Sunday was about what Jesus did at a wedding. You can read it for yourself in your Bible from John 2. 1-11 or you can see the story in words and pictures here (click on ‘view slideshow’ to see the words with each picture).

What Jesus did helped his friends to celebrate the wedding without worrying that the community would look down on them for not providing everything that was expected. They could start their new lives with the support of others.

Wine glass

The water was something ordinary that was changed by Jesus into something special. Our everyday lives can seem very ordinary but having Jesus in our every day makes them special too. We may not know exactly what that change is or how our lives will influence others.

We can use origami projects to remind us of this idea. An ordinary, flat piece of paper can be changed into something special. Use any instructions or books you have at home or use the ideas here or here.

Teddy bear

Rev. Yvonne appeared on the Collective Worship talk this week. Listen in to what she said. She introduced us to some toy animals that are special to her and her family. Often toy animals like these are the first ‘friends’ we have when we are small. They come everywhere with us; we need their support when it is dark or when we are unsure of what is happening; we include them in games or other activities; we have conversations with them. Do you still have your first special toy?

As we get older we find people to do these things with. Our friends are important and so is knowing how to be a good friend. Think about what you rely on friends for. Can they rely on you as well? Maybe that is about: being able to work out what our opinions are without being judged; being able to disagree without falling out; sharing our sorrows and our joys; having support when we are feeling unsure of ourselves or in a new situation. Is there a friend that you could send a message to this week? It is quite difficult at the minute to keep in touch with our friends the way we have so we need to make a little more effort to do this.

Listen to this song which tells us that Jesus is our friend and will listen to us, support us and take care of us.

friends sitting in circle

When Jesus called his disciples he told them they were his friends. They decided to spend time with him and listen to him. If we want to follow Jesus we also have to spend time with him and listen. Did you make a prayer space somewhere in your house in the summer? Are you still using it or has it been cluttered up with things you have been doing? In this new year you might like to sort it out again (or make one for the first time). Make your space comfy and a place you will want to be in. Include things that help you to spend time with God.


When you go into your prayer space it is a good idea to start each time in the same way.

Before you start to read your Bible or pray or do an activity, say to yourself:

This space is a place to be still
To breathe slowly
To be still and listen
To be with God

A quote about friendship from Maya Angelou:
‘Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud’

Alison and Angie