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God and popcorn February 25th 2021

Hello again,
What kinds of stories do you like? Before there was radio or TV in people’s homes, families would gather around the fire on dark winter evenings and tell stories. They were sometimes stories of the past from their family or their culture or they would make up stories and all take part. Are you good at telling stories to entertain your friends? Could you find someone in your family who could tell you stories about the past?

This week we are thinking about the stories Jesus told and about the story of our individual journeys with Jesus through our lives. Each one of those will be unique and ongoing.

Child reading

During Lent Rev Mary is giving us one of her stories in parts. This time she is being a woman called Hepzibah and is telling the story of the disciples from a different perspective. You can catch up with the story so far here. There is also a Lent group booklet that contains some activities to help us to think about how this story influences our own journey with Jesus.

Stories in the bible

Jesus told many stories or parables. The parables allow us to hear a message at lots of different levels depending on what our circumstances are at the time. We might find something different in a well known story. We have looked at some of the parables in the last year.

Do you have a favourite? We have listed some here to jog your memory but there are others that you might know. When you think of the parable, is there a particular scene or object that comes to mind? Use your play dough to make it. Find the story either in a Children’s Bible or on this link.

Do you need to change your play dough creation now that you have looked at the story again? Did you find any parables that you didn’t know before?

Sheep face

Jesus used things in his stories that would have been familiar to the people listening to him.

  • You could read the Parable of the Great Banquet in Luke 14:16-24 or you could see it in words and pictures here. Try to write a modern version of the story based around a birthday party.
  • Try to represent one of the parables using only emoji.
  • Draw one picture that contains all parts of the story.
  • Write a script for the puppets about one of the parables.
Person telling a story

Think about when you listen to people telling or reading stories. It might be stories from the Bible or other stories (you might want to listen to Rev Mary again to help). What makes them good at it? Telling stories from memory or reading them out loud is a skill that you need to practise.

You should read the story a few times so that you know what is coming up. You will need to use your voice in different ways, maybe getting louder or softer, higher or lower, faster or slower.

You might be able to move around and will have to decide what movements to make but, even if you are standing still, you will need to use your face and possibly your hands while you are telling the story.

These games will help you to think about the different ways you can use your voice and movements to help tell the story. You might feel a bit silly at first but it will get better.


We think about our own stories in our prayer::

Lord Jesus, thank you for the story of God into which you invite each of us. Help us to understand that story more fully this Lent, and to live it out each day.

We will all have so many stories to tell each other when we are able to meet up. We look forward to hearing yours.

Alison and Angie