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God and popcorn March 11th 2021

Hello again,

Can you read the word that is written here? Coded word

It is written in code and is a way of hiding what we mean from everyone. If we want to communicate the meaning with you, we need to give you a key to the code.

Is that better? Can you work out the meaning now that you have the key? This is a code we have made up but now that all of God and Popcorn know it, we could use it to communicate with each other. It isn’t very secure though as we have published it! The people who wrote the stories about Jesus used them to tell us different things about him and his ministry.

Child reading

Rev Yvonne led our Collective Worship for schools this week and read a Bible story about Jesus and the Moneychangers. You can read a slightly different version in your Bible. You will find it in John 2:13-22. St. John puts the story at the beginning of his Gospel. What was he trying to tell us about Jesus? Lots to listen to this week because Rev Mary brings us the next part of Hepzibah’s story as well. What is this story communicating to us about the people around Jesus?

Jesu turns the tables over

We communicate in many different ways – by what we say, by our body language and by what we do. When Jesus went into the Temple in the story from St John’s Gospel, he communicated in a very dramatic way and other people reacted – his disciples in one way and the Temple authorities in a different way. Read the story again or look at it here.

Find the parts of the story that show:

  • What Jesus said
  • What Jesus did
  • The reaction of the disciples
  • The reaction of other people

The communication around Hepzibah seems to be changing. She is noticing ways of speaking and moving that are different now that Jesus is around.

Shapes with code symbols on

Choose a word that stays with you from the story of Jesus and the Moneychangers. Use your playdough and the key to make the shapes needed to spell out the word using our code. Take a photo and send it so that others can try to decode it. Will we all choose different words?

Cartoon church

Worship is communication with God and about God. We learn, we listen, we praise, we pray. We have different forms of worship services in our churches: Morning Prayer; Eucharist; Family Services; Worship4All…

We all have one that feels more comfortable than the others. Which is that for you or which parts of services help you most to learn, listen, praise and pray?

We shouldn’t always stick to the one that feels most comfortable though. Occasionally being outside our comfort zone helps us to learn more, hear something different, praise and pray in a different way. Which service type would you like to try out?

We have found out in the last year that we don't have to be in our buildings to worship but when we are together, we all learn from each other, hear about our faith together, praise and pray when we join our voices with those around us.


A prayer about communication:

Loving God, every person we meet has a story to share. Help us to take the time to listen, to pay attention, and to be enriched by what we hear. We also have a story to share about you in our lives. Help us to see opportunities to communicate these to others.

Remember to be respectful in your communication with others. It may feel different now that you are together rather than on screen.

Alison and Angie