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God and popcorn March 18th 2021

Hello again,

When people are young, they seem to be always looking forward to what they will be able to do in the future – perhaps going to school, being able to have a job or drive a car or vote. You can see what age you have to be to do these and lots of other things here (did you know that you have to sign your own passport when you are 12?)

As people get older and have had more experiences they start to look back as well as forward. You could ask them about what they were desperate to try and whether it turned out as they expected.

Child reading

Rev Mary brings us two stories this week, one from Hepzibah and one for Collective Worship for schools. They are linked together by something that happened on a mountain and by Jesus telling the disciples not to tell anyone what they saw. Hepzibah has some ideas about why he told them that. Do you agree with her? You can read about what happened on the mountain for yourself in Luke 9. 28-36. The disciples told the story later when they pieced together everything that had happened.

Group speaking together

Hepzibah has been listening to the others and to Jesus and is starting to have opinions and be confident enough to talk about them.

We learn about our faith by listening to other people or reading what they have written; our understanding grows and deepens when we talk and debate and explain what we think with people we trust. Use this template to think about who has helped you to learn and who you trust to talk with. Also think about who you can help on their journey of discovery about Jesus. How do other people help you? How can you support someone else to learn and try new things that might seem daunting?


Use your playdough this week to make a mountain with 4 figures climbing up it to represent Jesus and his 3 disciples. Transform your scene into what happened at the top of the mountain. You will need some extra figures and to think about how to show the disciples’ fear.

God speaks, are you listening

Cut some cards to the size of a bank card. On one side write “God is with me”. On the other side write, “Everywhere, all the time”. Decorate the cards. Try to make the decoration specific to the person you are making the card for. Give one to each member of your family to keep in their wallet or phone. Remember to keep one for yourself as well or make a bookmark for yourself.

You might be able to think of other phrases that you could put on the cards to remind people about God’s love and care for them and for the world. Or you might decide to make some about the Easter story. If you can make extra you could put them in our churches later in the year when they are open for visitors to use for private prayer. If you can’t actually make the cards, keep your ideas for phrases or decoration so that we can make them at a God and Popcorn meeting when these are possible again.


We pray for ourselves this week:

Holy Spirit,
We give thanks for the many wonderful opportunities in life that we didn’t expect, for the unexpected joys that we find in learning new things. We give thanks for everyone who helps us to explore our faith.

A quote from Rick Warren:

'God changes caterpillars into butterflies, sand into pearls and coal into diamonds…
He’s working on you too.'

Alison and Angie