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God and popcorn April 1st 2021

Hello again,

Holy Week and Easter allow us to explore all sorts of emotions. We notice: the joy of the crowd when Jesus arrives in Jerusalem and their frustration and anger later when they call for him to be crucified; the love of Jesus for his disciples and all people and for God; the disappointment and greed of Judas; the fear of the disciples that makes most of them hide; the grief felt by Jesus’ family and friends; the confusion after Jesus dies; the wonder and joy and doubt of the disciples on Easter Day. As you read or listen to the accounts of what happened try to identify the different emotions.

Child reading

Rev Mary brought us the next part of Hepzibah's story on Sunday. Hepzibah talks about how the disciples felt after Jesus’ death, about the tomb in the garden and about what happened next…

You can read the different parts of the story in John’s Gospel chapters 19,20,21 or you can join in with the services over the weekend to hear the accounts.

Word map

Hepzibah talks about a ‘funny kind of storm’ where the sky was very dark. She talks about darkness in two different ways – the physical darkness of the time when Jesus died and the emotional darkness that the disciples felt in their grief and sadness and fear. We celebrate on Easter Day because we know what happened next but the disciples were still confused and frightened. Can you remember a time when you were frightened? It takes a while for us to recover from that feeling and we need someone to reassure us to make us feel OK again. Jesus appeared to the disciples after his resurrection to reassure them.


If you have looked at the online services for this week you will see that the one for tonight, Thursday, is called Tenebrae – this is the Latin word for darkness. If you’d like to take part as well as listening in you will need to wait till it gets a bit darker and then gather lots of lamps and torches in the room you are in.

Stone rolled away

Use your playdough to follow the rest of the story of Holy Week. Make each of the items in red.

  • At the Passover meal, Jesus washed the disciples feet
  • When the cockerel crowed, Peter realised he had said three times he didn’t know Jesus
  • Jesus died on a cross
  • Jesus’ body was put into a tomb with a stone to seal it up and armed guards outside
  • The stone was rolled away and the tomb was empty
marshmallow and pastry

Try this fun and delicious recipe for ‘Resurrection rolls’. You will need puff pastry and marshmallows and to follow the instructions in the video. Maybe you will have a bit more time again while you are not at school so there is another recipe here for gingerbread egg biscuits


We can use a prayer from #LiveLent this week:

Thank you, God, that in Jesus you came to us, revealing your love and purpose for each of us, dying for us on the cross. Help me to share your love with everyone I meet.

Do you eat a load of chocolate in one go or do you eat a very small piece every day?

Alison and Angie