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God and popcorn July 1st 2021

Hello again,

We are thinking about friends this week – about how to recognise when someone is being a good friend and how we can be a good friend to others. We may have many people that we call friends but only a few of them who we trust when we are feeling vulnerable or when we need help. People who use Facebook may have a very long ‘friends’ list but how many of these are true friends that they know well? What would be a better term to describe the others?

The UN International Day of Friendship is 30th July each year. There is some more information here. How can you celebrate this with your friends?

Child reading

The Collective Worship team brings us a story this week about King David and a man who showed himself to be a true friend. They also teach us the Makaton symbol for friend.

King David is described as the best King that Israel ever had and Brazillai is described as a good friend to him. Brazillai used his wealth and influence to help other people and not for his own benefit. If you would like to read the story for yourself in your Bible, you need to find 2 Samuel 19.31-40

Listening to music

The Bible has some things to tell us about choosing our friends. Use this activity to find out some of them.

John 15.12-15 tells us what Jesus said about being his friend. The disciples found that being a friend of Jesus was something that took them out of their comfort zone. They stopped doing what they were used to and lived in a different way. Being a friend of Jesus was also a very rewarding experience for them.

This link will let you listen to a hymn about being a friend of Jesus. We are all missing singing in services. Why not use the lyrics and sing along as loudly as you can or learn the descant so that you can sing it when we can sing together again.

four friends

Think of your closest friends. What qualities to you most value in them? Do they overlap with any that are shown on these diagrams? How can you show these qualities to your friends? Often when we change schools our group of friends changes. This can be quite difficult to cope with while it happens. Please be kind to others if you are changing your friendships in the next while. Remember that some people find making new friends easy and some don’t. Notice how your new ‘friends’ treat other people. Are they kind?

puzzled face

We need your help. We are starting to think about what we need to do when we get back together – about who is going to come to our meetings, when and for how long we should have them, what we will do. Angie has filmed a video for anyone who is returning to G&P or anyone new who would like to start. It tells new people a little of what we did when we met before. If you have been to G&P before, if you have discovered us through the website during the last year or if you are brand new, please watch the video and think about the questions that Angie asks.

Rev Yvonne will host a meeting on zoom for you and your parents so that we can make some decisions. Please let her know if you are interested in attending.


A prayer for our friends:

Loving Lord, thank you for placing people in my life that make it better. You’ve given me friends and people I can count on. Help me to be a friend to them. Most of all, thank you for being a friend that is like no other. You are always trusting, truthful, and there when I need you.

Daily Prayer Guide [Proverbs 18.24]

A quote from Tennessee Williams:

“Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.”

Choose carefully!

Alison and Angie