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God and popcorn July 22nd 2021

Hello again,

Little children often play that they are Kings or Queens, or maybe handsome Princes or Disney Princesses. Our country is a Kingdom (it is even called the United Kingdom although sometimes it doesn’t feel very United!). At the moment there are differences in rules and restrictions between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland; during the football or other sports we cheer for the team from our part of the country; we see different languages on road signs or different styles of bank notes in the different parts too. But for some things it is more united: athletes in the UK Olympic team come from all parts of the country; we can travel freely between the different parts now; our NHS works in all parts; the Queen is Queen of the UK and of other countries in the Commonwealth.


Child reading

Our Bible reading for this week is Jesus feeding the 5000. It is a familiar story and one that we’ve looked at a few times before but maybe this time we can look at a different part of it. You will find it in your Bible in John 6:1-21. In verse 15, we are told that Jesus went away so that the crowd wouldn’t force him to be King. This animation from the Bible Project helps us to think about God’s Kingdom and Jesus as King.


Royal crown

Think about the sorts of things the Queen and the rest of the Royal family do. Which of the things would you think are quite enjoyable or exciting? Which would be very boring? The Queen has done these things for a very long time. Next year she will celebrate her Platinum Jubilee – 70 years of service to the country. Lots of things have changed in 70 years – travel, communication, work, fashion. Ask someone you know who is older than 70 about what life was like when they were your age. There will be lots of celebration events next year for us to take part in.

Sloth hanging in tree

Jesus didn’t want to be an earthly King in the way the crowds wanted. His Kingdom is often described as an ‘upside-down Kingdom’ where the weak and those on the margins are important. This hymn by Graham Kendrick talks about how we can serve Jesus, our King by serving others.

The other parts of our Bible story show Jesus’ power to change what is happening to people when he fed the crowd with a small amount of food and his power over how the earth works when he walked on the lake.

thinking face

Have a look at a News website to see where in the world people might need what is happening to change – there are parts of the world where people are hungry and thirsty or affected by conflict. The British Red Cross have lots of information on their website. Could you pray about some of these situations?

The way the earth needs us to change is being talked about a lot. What can you do? Could you take part in any of these challenges – Blue Peter, Scouts, Young Climate Warriors?


A prayer from Thy Kingdom Come:

We have used this song at services recently. Can we use it as our prayer this week? Sing along with the group and notice the different ways they show they are praying the words.


Hot weather can be lovely but it can also be dangerous for everyone, especially young children, older people and pets. Please be careful and take care of those around you – shade and drinking cool water are vital to keep you safe.

Alison and Angie