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Vicar of the Parish

Reverend Yvonne Callaghan

The Vicarage, St Paul's Drive, Brompton on Swale, Richmond DL10 7HQ

Telephone:  Parish Office: 01748 810613 - Monday - Thursday

Mobile 07980276226 - 24 hours


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Vicar with Permission to Officiate in the Parish

Reverend Mary Williams,

The Mill House, Parkgate Lane, Brompton on Swale, Richmond DL10 7HA

Telephone: 01748 810477


Parish Administrator (Monday to Wednesday)

Ms Diana Birks

C/O, The Old School House, 69 Richmond Road, Brompton on Swale, Richmond, DL10 7HF

Telephone: 01748 810613


Church Wardens

Mr and Mrs Weatherby, Liz and John

email: Liz - churchwarden -

email: John -

Parish Treasurer

Mrs Pam Bradby

Home Farm House, 36 Richmond Road, Brompton on Swale, Richmond DL10 7HE.


Parish Vergers

Mrs Hazel Austin - St Agatha's Easby - Telephone 01748 824504

Mr Ron Smith - St Paul's Brompton on Swale - Telephone 01748 518362

Mrs Audrey Taylor - St Agatha's Skeeby - Telephone 01748 823979‬

Mrs Lilian Bowles- St Mary's Bolton on Swale - Telephone - 01748 810393

PCC Secretary

Ms Mel Guy -