We have four churches within our parish, all are Holy Places within which couples have for hundreds of years have been coming before God, their friends and families to make their wedding vows.
We would love to help you explore getting married in any of our churches and thanks to changes in the law it is now easier to marry in the church of your dreams. Lots of people want to marry in our churches because they live in the parish and the churches are their local parish church. We also recognise that churches have special significance to couples for many reasons and would love to discuss the possibility of you holding your wedding in any of our churches.


We are always delighted to welcome people of all ages into the church through baptism, (often called a Christening) and would love to talk to you if you are thinking about this for yourself or for your child. Our baptism services take place within the 10.30 Sunday Morning services.
Baptism is a beautiful gift from God, a sign of new birth, of complete forgiveness and acceptance, of the hope of external and of belonging to a loving community. We hope you will experience all these things through baptism.
For you it's a chance to give thanks for your child, to start your child on the journey of faith, to renew your love for God.
For your child it's a beginning of life in God, a belonging to a worldwide Church Community and a light of hope through life and death.
For your Church it's an opportunity to love, welcome, support and pray for you and your child.
Baptism is a physical outward sign, which reveals a spiritual reality of God's love and forgiveness, it is called a sacrament. In it we remember how God commits Himself to us and we promise to live our lives for Him.


We prepare those wishing to affirm their faith through confirmation classes.

A confirmation service is being held in June.


Our churches continue to be places where people come to acknowledge before God the events of life, none more so than at the time of our death, when we are brought before God and handed into His loving care.