Open the book anniversary

The story of Josiah

Twenty years ago, in Bedford, a group of Christians wanted to take Bible stories into their local primary school under the title “Open the Book”. That initiative has gone nationwide with 16,800 storytellers regularly taking “Open the Book” assemblies in over 3000 primary schools. Six years ago, a team from our parish started taking “Open the Book” into both Brompton on Swale and Bolton on Swale schools. We dress up, take in props and scenery and act out bible stories for the children and they too get a chance to dress up and join in as they learn the stories of their faith. So do join us as we celebrate this wonderful ministry among us

Quiz night

We all love a good quiz. Quiz nights are great fun and a chance to get together for a relaxed evening - depending on how competitive you are!

Get together a team of four or come along and meet new team mates. The questions are varied, some easy, some testing but its all good fun. Enjoy a glass of wine or a juice for those wanting to stay sharp and make use of those interesting but useless facts you've got stored in your memory.

Keep an eye on the calendar and pew sheet for the next quiz night.