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It is my joy to welcome you on behalf of the Church Family in the Parish of Easby, Skeeby, Brompton on Swale, and Bolton on Swale , an Anglican Church, part of the Richmond Deanery within The Diocese of Leeds.

We are one Church who worship in four friendly welcoming churches; and many other places within the parish. We are here for all people of all backgrounds, and all beliefs.

Our mission is to live out our faith as followers of Jesus Christ within our families, among our friends, whilst we work, rest and play.

Do take a look at who we are, or even "Come and See" you may be surprised at how much you like us.

If you cannot find what you are looking for on our web site, please do contact us by telephone or email.

With every blessing

Reverend Yvonne Callaghan


Safeguarding is a critical aspect of church life, please follow this link to find the contact details of our Safeguarding Officer and all of our policy documents, if you have any questions, please do contact Rev Callaghan or the Safeguarding Officer.



Christians Together Digital Booklet 2023 - Service & Events 

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