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Safeguarding in your parish – who’s who?

The incumbent/priest in charge

 In Vacancy - Please contact The Churchwardens. 

The churchwardens

Mrs Liz Weatherby / Parish office - 01748 810613

Mr John Weatherby / Parish office - 01748 810613


The Parish Safeguarding Officer

Mrs Angie Coleman

01748 810613‬ (Parish office)

email: safeguarding@esbb.co.uk

The team of licensed/accredited ministers

Reverend Mary Williams 01748 810477

email: revmarywilliams@esbb.co.uk

Hall managers and bookers

Ms Katy Hollins 01748 810613

email: admin@esbb.co.uk

Employed staff

Do you need to work with anyone employed by the church? E.g. cleaners, premises officers/caretakers, administrators

Who co-ordinates work in your church related to children, young people, adults at risk (e.g. Sunday School, youth club, visiting team, transport)?

Ms Alison Beacom 01748 810613‬

Mrs Angela Coleman 01748 810613

Rev Mary Williams 01748 810477

Who are the other youth and children’s/adults at risk’ workers?

Mrs Jean Bath 01748 810613

Mr Dominic Bath 01748 810613

Who will you talk to if you observe or are told about Safeguarding concerns?

 In Vacancy - Please contact The Churchwardens.

Mrs Liz Weatherby - Parish Office 01748 810613

Mr John Weatherby - Parish Office 01748 810613

Mrs Angela Coleman 01748 810613‬