Safeguarding in your parish – who’s who?

The incumbent/priest in charge

Rev Yvonne Callaghan 01748 810613 / 07980276226


The churchwardens

Mrs Liz Weatherby 07840 728918‬

Mr John Weatherby 07‭546 419964‬


The Parish Safeguarding Officers

Sally Morris 01325 378165‬


The team of licensed/accredited ministers

Reverend Mary Williams 01748 810477


Hall managers and bookers

Ms Diana Birks 01748 810613


Employed staff

Do you need to work with anyone employed by the church? E.g. cleaners, premises officers/caretakers, administrators

Who co-ordinates work in your church related to children, young people, adults at risk (e.g. Sunday School, youth club, visiting team, transport)?

Ms Alison Beacom 01748 810613‬

Mrs Angela Coleman 01748 810613

Rev Mary Williams 01748 810477

Who are the other youth and children’s/adults at risk’ workers?

Mrs Lilian Cooper 01748 810613

Mrs Jean Bath 01748 810613

Mr Dominic Bath 01748 810613

Who will you talk to if you observe or are told about Safeguarding concerns?

Rev Yvonne Callaghan 01748 810613 / 0798027622

Mrs Sally Morris 01325 378165‬